Sunglass lens color guide

Looking for sunglasses (made from bamboo)? Cool! Maybe you have already found a model or a brand that you would like to wear. Then you are ready for the next step: choosing the color of your lenses.

The color of your sunglass lens not only determines your appearance but colored lenses also filters the light in different ways. Do you wear the sunglasses mainly while driving? Then, for example, gray or brown glasses are good choices!

Below we explain the differences between the glass colors.

Stylish colored sunglass lenses


Sunglasses with blue glasses filter sharp light and lower the contrast. If you are sensitive to light (often people with blue eyes!), sunglasses with blue lenses are recommended. Blue glasses are also very suitable when you are at the beach, doing tennis or skiing.

Yellow and orange

Yellow glasses are suitable for the whole day: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening dusk. The glasses filter blue light so you see more sharpness and contrast. Also while skiing or when you work outside on a laptop or computer, yellow glasses are nice.


Red or pink glasses mainly reduces light glare. Pink lenses in sunglasses make the sight much clearer and thus increase visibility and contrast. Therefore, these glasses are also recommended if you are on a ski day on a cloudy day. In addition, pink sunglasses are of course great at a festival!

Functional colored sunglass lenses


With green sunglass lenses brilliance is inhibited and the shadows are less dark. A green pair of glasses is therefore especially nice when you are outside a lot. For example during walking, climbing, jogging or fishing. You see the colors around you as they should be: they are color-neutral and prevent tired eyes.


If you wear glasses with brown sunglass lenses, you notice an increased contrast. Brown glasses block blue light, increasing the difference between an object and a green background. Sunglasses with brown glasses are ideal for waves, football, walking or climbing. And also while driving!


Gray sunglass lenses reduce dazzling light shades and provide a natural perception of the colors around you. Sunglasses with gray lenses are therefore good for driving (during the day), cycling or waves.

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