Sunglasses for face shape

Looking for the best bamboo sunglasses? But how do you choose your sunglasses that suits your shape face?

The shape of your face

To know which sunglasses suits your face well, you first need to find your face shape. Get all the hair out of your face and look closely at the shape of your face. Therefore, you need to look at the imaginary lines halfway through your forehead, at the height of your cheekbones and where your jaw is at its widest. Furthermore, the length of your face is important. Of your chin to your hair on your forehead. Down below you choose the most suitable shape of your face.

Types of sunglasses

Here an image of the different types of sunglasses:

Sunglasses styles

1. Oval face shape

You’ve got an oval face as your jaw and forehead are about as wide and slightly narrower than your cheekbones. An oval face shape is the most ideal face shape. You can actually choose all kinds of frames. Keep in mind that the glasses need to suit well for the eyebrow shape and not too wide or too narrow.

Which sunglasses suit an oval face shape?

Almost all glasses fit your face. The only thing to look out for is that the glasses are not too large or too small compared to your head or facial features.

2. Round face shape

With a round face, the length of the face does not differ much from the width. There are no angular jaws.

Which sunglasses are great with a round face?

Glasses that optically make your face longer and less wide are suitable. 
Round sunglasses are less suitable because they emphasize the round shape of your face.

Suitable glasses are more angular glasses,

  • rectangular or square glass
  • glasses with straight lines
  • glass wider than they are high
  • glasses that rise slightly on the outside
  • color, also dark colors give depth to your face and are therefore a good choice
  • glasses may be slightly oversized.

3. Oblong or rectangular face shape

An elongated or long face is longer than the width and has a somewhat wider jaw line and broad forehead.

Which sunglasses are great with a rectangular or long face?

If you have an elongated face you have a square jaw line, striking cheekbones and often a long nose. You want your face to appear shorter. A little striking glasses with a straight shape break, as it were, the length of your face. A low or wide nose bridge makes your nose appear shorter.

Suitable glasses are: wayfarer, aviator or rectangular glasses

  • a straight and/or striking toa low nose bridge
  • a slightly wider frame than the face
  • a somewhat heavier frame and/or wide legs
  • slightly rounded glasses

4. Square face shape

A square face has a firm broad jaw and broad forehead. The length and width are equally good.

Which sunglasses are great with a square face?

With a square face a wide jaw and often an equally broad forehead. With this face shape you try to find a frame that makes your face look longer and softens the angularity of the face.

Suitable glasses are the larger, round glasses and oval glasses

  • Glasses with round shapes
  • Glasses that emphasize the eyebrow line with color or shape
  • Glasses with dark glasses

5. Heart face shape

A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead, a narrower jawline and a tapering chin.

Which sunglasses are great with a heart-shaped face?

With a heart-shaped face, you try to distract attention from the wide forehead. Suitable glasses are: oval glasses, aviator model

  • some larger glasses
  • thin legs
  • models with emphasis on the bottom (wider or darker colored on the bottom)
  • minor or inconspicuous frames

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