Types of sunglasses

Finding the perfect sunglasses is often more difficult than you would initially expect. There are several aspects that you need to look out for when looking for the sunglasses that suit you best. For example, certain models are more suitable for a specific type of face than others. In addition, your hair, face and eye color also determine what is best for you. MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses gives you advice on this page, so that you choose your best new pair of sunglasses.

Face shape

The shape of your face determines to a large extent which sunglasses you prefer. A nice pair of sunglasses that also picks up your face: that's perfect! MASTHO is happy to help you find the best model for your face. Use our face shape guide.

Cat eye

With the Cat Eye sunglasses, a fashion statement has been made since the 1950s. Characteristic of the glasses are the pointy glasses that remind you of cat eyes. Still looking for a more subtle form? The Cat Eye sunglasses are also in a less noticeable shape. Subtle or striking, these glasses remain an eye-catcher.


With oval sunglasses, the shape of the glasses is decisive for the model. The size of these glasses can vary from large to small, provided they only have an oval shape. Also in terms of legs there are various possibilities, all kinds of materials and thicknesses are possible.

Aviator / pilot

The aviator sunglasses are known for their large glasses and the subtle, steel frame. The glasses are available in the most diverse colors and types of glasses that change over the years, but the model itself is timeless.


The size and material of the lenses and glasses can always be different, also as the model of the legs can vary a lot. But the rectangular shape of the sunglasses is a certainty.


Round glasses are available in all styles, sizes and colors, so there is almost always one that suits you! With a hippie-like appearance, the glasses have to fit with your style, but if that is the case, then you also have a jewel on your nose.


The Wayfarer is originally a design by Ray-Ban, but many brands have been inspired by this now world-famous model. The sunglasses became famous in the 80s and is still very popular. There are many variations in color and prints per season, but the model always remains the same.


Characteristic of the butterfly sunglasses are the large glasses and the angular points above and below. With a Butterfly sunglasses you make your outfit extra feminine and elegant. This striking model really creates a unique touch.

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